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Reclaim The Year 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Shift from the "exception year" to an "exceptional year" in 5 easy steps.

Week seventeen since we've been in "shelter in place". The last few weeks have been particularly heavy with the accumulation of back-to-back webinars for 8 to 11 hours a day, a sudden spike in Coivd19 cases in California, and the much-needed activism for Black Lives Matter. There are a lot of really important things happening in the world right now and I suddenly find myself lost. When everything's important, nothing is important. I'm paralyzed with everything and nothing at the same time.

Today marks the halfway point of 2020. As I sit and reflect on this thought, I notice my vision board tucked behind my monitor. Its corners are starting to come unglued. I grab it and look at it as if it were a High School Yearbook. I revisit the memories of hosting a vision board party on New Years' Day with appetizers, drinks, and a few dozen magazines for guests to sort through. Friends and family chatted about their 2020 goals amongst one another. We all solicited help from each other to look for certain words or pictures. We'd shout out, "Let me know if anyone comes across the word 'heart' or a picture of a tropical beach." The visions ranged from finding a soulmate, traveling to Thailand, writing a book, to dance classes. We had great aspirations for 2020. As I look at my vision board, I contemplate what to do with it. Should I toss it and try again next year? Should I keep it and save it as a souvenir for the year Covid19 turned our world upsidedown? My immediate reaction was, I haven't done diddly squat this year. I've just been on my hamster wheel running, trying to keep my head above water. Then.... I hear that voice. That internal voice in my head that likes to pick fights with me and challenge me. She speaks to me with an "at-ti-tude" as her head sways back and forth on her still neck and says, "You still have the whole half-year ahead of you. Get your ass in gear and make something of it. Nothing happened to you. Things just happened."

As I looked at my vision board and remembered what the words and pictures actually represented I realized two things. First, once I took inventory, I was surprised to learn, I'd actually made a little progress on a couple of my goals. Secondly, I realized my 2020 goals fell into four categories: 1) Continue, 2) Continue with modifications, 3) Delay and 4) New.

Taking inventory raised the clarity I needed. The first half of the year wasn't a complete wash after all. My self-victimization was preventing me from seeing the progress I'd made and the great opportunities that sill awaits in 2020.

Come celebrate "Happy New Mid-Year's Day" with me and check out the Life XSpearmints below, to reclaim 2020.

Life xSpearmint

Complete these five easy steps to adapt your 2020 goals. It's time to step into your power and realize your best self in the year 2020.

"Balinese Dancer" 24 x 36 oil on canvas

1. Review your list of 2020 goals. If you didn't do this at the beginning of the year, it's ok. Create your list as if Covid19, economic, or political crisis did not exist. Think big! Sort your goals under one of the four categories:

2. Continue: These goals can continue and have not been affected by unprecedented circumstances. Are there any goals that can be optimized or accelerated due to shelter place? Acknowledge and celebrate the progress you've made this year. Self-gratitude builds momentum to achieve even more. For example, I've been able to oil paint much more lately. I've completed five paintings which are more than what I've been able to complete in the last two years.

"Gucci" 36 X 48 oil on canvas

3. Continue with Modifications: These are the goals that you can still make progress on but require creative ways to accomplish or have a modified metric. What goals are you super passionate about and can't fathom not doing this year? What modifications are required to make progress? Google your topic to get creative on what online options are available. For example, this year I wanted to explore getting certified in Reiki energy healing. Given the circumstance, it won't happen this year. In the meantime, I took a basic orientation on-line class through Udemy to see if it truly sparks my interest. I love it.

4. Delay: These are the goals that simply are not meant to be realized in 2020. For example, international travel or opening up a restaurant. Trust that the Universe has a plan for you that will exceed your expectations when the timing is right. Don't let go of the dream but let go of the timing.

Luna and River

5. New: Sometimes crisis creates opportunity. Do you have projects or goals you've been putting off for some time? DIY projects? Virtually expanding your professional network? Or creating a podcast? In the last several years, I've hesitated to adopt a new pet as our travel schedules are too chaotic. I finally succumbed to the many signs the Universe has sent me. We recently welcomed Luna and River to our home. They've brought so much love into our home.

Now it is up to you to make 2020 an exceptional year. I know you've got this!

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