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Delayed with your New Year's Resolution Plan? Urgh! Me too!

Why is it so much tougher this year? Over the last decade, I've experimented with different New Years Resolution approaches ranging from the work-back plans in my triathlon days to a vision board party last year. This year.....this year is different. I've been a little stumped on how to deal with setting goals or visions for 2021. Why?

What's the one thing we all had to deal with in 2020? UNCERTAINTY.

Think about all the critical aspects of life and community we had to work through: the pandemic, political turmoil, racial injustice, job loss, and working/schooling from home, to name a few. With the coming of January 1st, I'd fantasized about a miraculous recovery from 2020 but actually, it felt like December 32nd. Nothing really changed for me.

Today, January 6th, Trump protestors attempted a political coup in the United States Capitol. The harsh reality hit me, 2021 may be just as uncertain as last year. It's difficult to think about a New Years Resolution when uncertainty outweighs the vision of the future. This year calls for something different. An approach where I can deal with uncertainty at my best. It feels like a second chance to redo how I showed up in 2020. So here's the magic question, "How do I be ME, better in 2021 than I was in 2020?" For me to deeply answer this question, my first step was to revisit my values. Were authenticity, freedom, joy, and nature the most important guiding principles in my life. The answer was yes and no. While I love nature I felt the sense of service to be more critical to a purposeful 2021. So, I swapped out nature for service. Don't worry nature, I'll still nurture you.

Once I refined my values, I felt more equipped to define how I want to BE in 2021. What's my perspective? How do I show up at my best every single day not knowing what the day holds? I needed a simple mantra to guide me throughout the year. The words that came to mind. My mantra for the year is Be GRATEFUL, Be of SERVICE, and Be BOLD. If I look through the lens of gratitude, service, and being courageously bold then I will see limitless opportunities every day. If I can be this mindset every day then I can say it was a year of growth. If I can be this mindset in my profession, with my loved ones, and in the community then I will have made a small difference on a daily basis. Simple. Three words to live in 2021. Who knows, it might turn out to be a mantra of a lifetime.

If you'd like a simple approach to your 2021 New Years Resolution, check out the Life xSpearmint below.

Life xSpearmint

Complete these four easy steps for a mantra-based 2021 New Years Resolution.

  1. Revisit your values. Values are your guiding principles for making decisions, prioritizing, and standing up for what you believe in. Take a look at your value words and definitions. Is something missing for you when you think about 2020 and 2021? Does one of your values not feel as important given your current circumstance? Feel free to swap. Values can slightly change over time.

  2. Truly understand what a mantra is. The western modernized definition of a mantra is a word or words that represent an intention. Broken down into mediation language, "man" means mind, and "tra" means transport.

  3. Choose your three mantra words. What are your intentions for 2021? Fill in the blanks of this statement, "My best self will be ________________, _______________ and ____________ in 2021."

  4. Practice/Apply your mantras daily. Here are a few ideas to remind yourself and keep yourself accountable.

    1. Mediation

    2. Post-it notes

    3. Computer/Mobile backgrounds

    4. Journal them daily

    5. Use them as passwords

    6. Share your mantra with friends

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