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Two tips to defeat self-doubt and pivot to inspiration.

Video script/summary for your reading pleasure.

Ever have those days where you feel like you're swimming upstream all alone? Those days where you feel like no one understands you and no one's got your back? Sometimes, it feels like those that are closest to you (partner, besties, boss, parents, etc.) are you're biggest doubters and roadblocks. When you spend a lot of time in their space of doubt you begin to doubt yourself and second guess what you are trying to accomplish.

I had one of those days recently. I had to dig myself out of a self-doubt pity party. I was stressed at the office and working through a few challenges with my coaching business. I felt awful. I decided to sleep on it overnight and wake up with a refreshed perspective.

When I awoke and prepared for my day, I asked myself, "Who needs me on my a-game today?" Someone might need my help and I want to be ready.

I'd love to offer you two tips for shifting from self-doubt to inspiration.

Tip # 1:Embrace the challenge and let go of timing for resolution.

The universe only gives you challenges that you are capable of solving. She gifts you these challenges so you can solve for them in your shoes, in your way, with your lens and your language. Do you know why? Because someday, someone is going to need to hear your story and experience. Your learnings are going to help someone in the future. So when you have those days of self-doubt, stay conscious, embrace, and engage in the challenge. Each challenge requires a different process and duration, so let go of trying to control the timing. When you do get to your resolve store the full experience in your memory bank. Pocket the learning. Journal it. Write it down. Someday, someone will need to hear that story from you.

Tip # 2: Your A-Game

Once you've acknowledged your self-doubt, ask yourself this question, "Who needs you on your A-Game today?" This question will pivot your perspectives, emotions, and energy. Your employee, partner, sibling, colleague, customer or boss might need you today and if you're not on your A-Game you will not be able to help. If you are in the mindset to be of service to others and you are on your A-Game, I promise you opportunities to help will arise.


When you help someone it feels good. Your "feel-good" energy will circle you back to the other place of self-doubt. You will pivot and meet that self-doubt with inspiration and a boost of confidence.

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