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Get The Stuck Outta Here

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Reactivate your energy and life in 5 easy steps.

Have you heard about the new 2021 buzzword? The word that describes how many Americans are feeling today. The feeling of being stuck in emptiness, dullness, and fogginess? Adam Grant defines it as "Languishing" in his recent New York Times article. I've had my ups and downs with "languishing" in the last few weeks. I recently had reconstructive knee surgery after years of procrastination. As a highly energetic person, immobility, not working out, not getting out, and being dependent on others is an unnatural state. It feels like everyone else is moving forward out of the pandemic with trips, sports, and long walking breaks while my body permanently molds the office chaise into the perfect 8-hour zoom R.I.C.E position. Sound a little pathetic? Yes, I know. It's total victim-like thinking. I have dug into my coaching treasure chest and found a great tool I use for reactivating the three energy resources at yoga retreats.

If you feel unmotivated, stuck, or feel like many things are working against you, try creating change by activating your three energy resources with a personal energy mantra. This has helped me and others get "unstuck" and energized again.

Generating and sustaining positive energy takes conscious awareness and practice. You can accomplish this by using your three energy resources: your mind, spirit, and body. Raising your positive energy can help you decrease stress, increase productivity and bring joy back into your life.

Three Energy Resources:

Imagine a glass of water representing your energy for the day. How you choose to think (mind), feel (spirit), and act (body) to situations can either fill the water in your glass or drain water from your glass. You are going to learn a coaching technique to proactively generate your three energies with the mind, spirit, and body chakras:

· Crown Chakra (mind)

· Sacral & Heart Chakra (spirit)

· Root Chakra (body)

The Mind:

The mind is where your perspective lives. Your perspective is built from your past experiences. Your mind will remind you of the good and the not-so-good but you get to consciously choose which you want to hang on to. To generate positive energy you must know what is important to you and what good looks like. Personal values can help anchor your mind when under stress, making decisions or wanting to refine your life.

The Spirit:

An emotion is a reaction to your perception of something. Emotions are the output of your soul. Love, peace, excitement, and inspiration generate energy. Anger, resentment, jealousy, and victim thinking depletes energy.

The Body:

The body energy moves in two directions. The body translates our thoughts and emotions into the physical world with actions. We take action or react to the emotion. On the flip side, the body can create energy to spark emotions, like dancing or hugging.

Life xSpearmint

Now that you know what the three energy resources are, let's build your mantra to reactivate your energy. Grab your notebook.

  1. The Mind:

    1. Write down your # 1 value. You may have 3- 5 values but pick the one that is most important to you right now. Why is this value important to you?

    2. Write down what you can do every day to live and remind yourself of your value? Example: Freedom. I will block 1 hour on my work calendar to do whatever I want.

  2. The Spirit:

    1. Think of a significantly positive experience in your lifetime.

    2. How did it make you feel?

    3. Write down the #1 emotion that best describes that experience.

    4. Write down the types of things you can do every day that can spark that same emotion. Example: Earning my college degree as a single mom. Learning (while raising kids) made me feel invincible. I can read 20 minutes every day.

  3. The Body:

    1. Think of an activity or action that brings you the most joy, love or peace.

    2. What's one thing you can do every day to practice this activity?

    3. Write down your #1 activity. Examples: Activity is Yoga. Sun salutations while the coffee brews in the morning, dancing to my favorite song or a 30 min Peloton ride.

  4. Build Your Mantra

    1. Take your three #1 words (1a, 2c, and 3c) to create your mantra. Example: Freedom. Invincible. Yoga.

  5. Live Your Mantra Daily

    1. Breathe your mantra. Inhale deeply as you silently recite your mantra. Exhale fully as you silently recite your mantra. Repeat for each of your three mantra words.

    2. Incorporate your mantra into your day. Examples: Make it part of your morning or evening ritual, apply mantra breathing before a big meeting or date night, write it in your notebook before starting your workday or say it out loud to yourself in the mirror.

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