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When I was eight years old I was convinced I had super-hero powers. I remember sitting alone in my bedroom visualizing and predicting heads or tails with a quarter. Despite the humored expression, my mom gave me when I shared the news of my new super-hero power, I knew I had stumbled upon a life-changing discovery. I could visualize and create my future.
Seventeen years ago I found myself lost, a single mother, with $7 in my wallet and two children to raise on my own. It was time to pull out my super-hero power and create my future again. I would design and realize the life I always envisioned. Through the practice of visioning, research, planning, setting goals, removing barriers and living in gratitude I achieved my self-defined authentic success. I just can't keep this secret practice to myself. I want everyone to experience freedom, happiness and a life they would have never imagined.



Unlike other coaching programs, I harmonize the traditional one-on-one coaching approach with a behavioral outcome-based training framework. I have 25+ years of experience in High-Tech, Advertising and Corporate Retail (my LinkedIn). I also earned my professional coaching certification through the ICF approved International Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). This is not one of those hoky $200 online certs. It's a hardcore program that took a year to fully achieve. I've coached executives at fortune 500 companies including, Salesforce, VMware, Pinterest, gaming companies, and municipal councils to name a few.  Lastly, I have an undeniable passion for helping other professionals ENVISION, INSPIRE and CREATE their dream career and life. Seriously, it's all  I think about.

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  1. I was a triathlete for over 9 years. I crashed and broke my bike in half during my first race.

  2. I met my favorite author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, at a writers workshop on Maui in June 2015.

  3. When I was 15yrs, I told my dad I was going to marry a surfer and raise kids on the beach. Check and check.

  4. My "23 and Me" DNA results indicate I'm surprisingly 28% Iberian.

  5. My spirit animal is a hummingbird.

  6. I'm never giving up on incorporating a free-standing handstand in my yoga practice.

  7. Art has been a part of my expression since I was a kid: oils, acrylic, pencil, graphic design, and photography.

  8. I have a passion for breaking down the walls between corporate and spirituality. One person. Everywhere. All the time.

  9. I'd love for some day to be on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday".

  10. Like many, I fear public speaking.

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