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Congratulations! You just took one step closer to liberating your brilliance. Why coaching? Because you might not be able to say with 100% confidence, "I'm an awesome leader and ​inspire others to be the best they can be". Because you work so and can't figure out why it's not resulting in more joy, growth or satisfaction. You want to wake up looking forward to going to work every morning, but you're not. You are absolutely not alone. Only a one-third of  US employees are engaged and passionate about their work (according to Gallup 2017). You may have “Life Plateau Syndrome”.  OK, it’s not an official syndrome, just a scientific name I came up with to justify the bleak funk I too once suffered from in my career. Falling out of love with your professional life is totally normal and it's not a bad thing. It is mother nature's way of telling you that you have conquered your current state and are ready to discover and stretch into more. If you are looking to liberate your brilliance in your professional or personal life then you’ve come to the right place.
It's time to dig deep and recharge your career from the inside out. You 
were born with an innate and infinite brilliance. You were born with a purpose. You are a unique and unrepeatable human being that has talents to offer unlike any other to the world.

Professional coaching can help you rediscover, redefine and create the career you want while removing barriers to success. Coaching supports your authentic leadership growth which can also inspire those around you. Coaching can bring you more career fulfillment by learning how to consciously engage with others, decision-making and in all you do.

Whether it's designing your brand, writing a book, changing careers or getting that promotion, do not pass up the opportunity to reclaim your agenda to realize your dream career. Life is too short. 

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Gisela Chock

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Why coaching?

Gisela Chock

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about honoring your innate being.

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