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Consultants have an agenda, possible answers and bring that agenda and answers to the client. Consultants are experts in specific fields or industries. Coaches do not have agendas other than helping the client achieve whatever it is they want. The biggest difference between a coach and consultant is that the consultant represents themselves as the expert in certain aspects of life or field.  A coach accepts that the client is the expert of their life and holds within themselves the innate answers  to any situation they may face. 

I coach you from:

  • Being moderately satisfied
  • Moderate functioning level
  • Tolerating the present state

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Mentors are role models. Mentors use their personal experiences as a model of success for the client. Mentors give advice to clients based on their experiences because they "have been there and done that."

Coaching is where I help you out of your "Life Plateau Syndrome".  We partner on getting you from your current state to taking action on the career and life you envision. You and I work from the inside out to reinvigorate your passion for achieving higher career and life satisfaction. 
You and I build a safe and confidential environment that allows you to explore the untraveled self....and that is why my #1 value is TRUST. 

Coaching is different than therapy, consulting or mentorship. You are the expert in "You" and I am the trusted authority in the coaching process.  The easiest way to understand what coaching is and how it differs from other types of services is to imagine your life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being fully satisfied). 

Coaching can get you from 5 to 10!

What's coaching?

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Coaching VS. other Services

To your FUTURE, achieving:

  • Higher levels of SATISFACTION
  • OPTIMAL FUNCTIONAL and productive levels

Gisela Chock


Therapists typically help clients fix problems, overcome issues and sometimes manage mental illness or disorders. Therapist generally analyzes the past to get a client to accept and move forward into a current functioning state. Examples of analyzing the past are:  dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce/breakup, childhood dysfunction or addictions. Coaches do not focus on the past but mostly the future. Coaches do not work with mental illness or disorders. Coaches focus on helping a client get from their current functioning state to the future life they envision.